In today’s market selling your condo may seem as easy as sticking it on Craigslist and waiting for the offers to pour in, but that isn’t quite the case, especially if you want to receive top dollar.  Not everyone has the perfect condo on the waterfront with an unobstructed view that attracts a multiple offer scenario.  If you want a quick sale for top dollar then let us help you get exactly what you want.  Here are some of the strategies we use to get your condo sold quickly.

Getting Your Condo Ready

We understand that you need to get your home on the market as quickly as possible but preparation is everything even in a hot market.  Our team can show you where you should focus your attention.  We have insights into market activity, other listings and the current condition of your property.  Our staging team will help you with little things like minor repairs and staging your home so it shows off your condo’s best features making it appeal to the broadest selection of buyers.

Pricing to Sell

Pricing your home is as much art as it is science, especially if you want a quick sale.  We can help you find the right price for your condo and here is how we do that.

  • Know the competition: We have access to other condos on the market and the latest figures on the prices they are listed at, we also know how long they have been on the market, how quickly they sold and the final price of the sale. We can help you set a competitive price that is at or below the comps for a quick sale.
  • Be Ready to Act Quickly: Our team knows just how many showings your condo should get and what it will take to get an offer.  Most downtown condos will get an offer after a dozen showings and that is if it has been marketed and staged right.  It is a competitive market, but you can still make the most of it.  We are ready to act quickly and bring offers to you the moment they come in.  Our staff is available round the clock and we are here and ready to show your condo.
  • Be Ready to Negotiate: There are all kinds of buyers with all kinds of expectations depending on whether they are first time buyers or investors.  We are with you through the whole process helping you get top dollar.


Timing is everything in real estate and it will impact how quickly you can sell your house.  Every market including Toronto has popular times for a quick sale.  However during downtimes there is far less competition.  No matter the time of year we can put together the right selling strategy for you.