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The selection of top countertop materials can be done based on physical, chemical, anti-microbial, resistance, and aesthetic properties. Of course, these are the basic criteria for selection. You can also consider the properties like durability, quality, manufacturing process and the ability to sustain these properties over many years. Luster and brightness are the two key properties for enhancing the light reflection refraction indices. They are useful when you consider the lighting and application as an interior décor object. In this article, we introduce you to some of the most important aspects with reference to the top calgary kitchen quartz countertop materials.


Marble is generally useful as a bathroom countertop. You may find its applications can be in the form of single-bowl countertops, multi-bowl countertops, or an integrated style. Washbasins, bathroom cabinet top, shaving and washing countertop, are some of the options with the marble material. Marble has a good range of physical properties for hardness to a reasonable extent. On the MOH scale, it measures four. It has good compact strength for supporting the bathroom cabinets, utensils and the toiletries. It is resistant to scratches.

The heat resistance factor is not too high. Hence, it may not be highly suitable for the kitchen countertop, especially, near the hot kitchen appliances like stove, oven, and the kitchen heating utilities. Aesthetically, marble is very attractive. The natural color of marble is white. The others are red and blue. You can also find black, brown, green, purple, and many others.

Marble has a natural capacity to reflect light. It can be polished to any extent for increasing the luster and light reflecting properties. You can also find marbles with multiple sizes and patterns of grains. It is possible to grind, polish and finish the marble according to the aesthetics of the surrounding interior designs.


Limestone is sturdy, strong and resistant to the elements. It can endure high levels of stress and load. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and other locations, where heat and humidity could be high.

There are many types of limestones you can get in the stores. Some of them are bituminous, lithographic, coral-rag, etc. You may use any of them for the countertop because they have the same range of technical properties.

Limestone has a high resistance to load impact and heat. You can use it to mount the hot kitchen utilities like stove, oven, and other heat-emitting utensils. The material is highly durable through all the seasons. It can withstand the highs of summer and the sub-zero temperatures during winter.

Limestone is an elegant and aesthetic material for its design and color properties. It is possible to machine the raw limestone for creating the most innovative designs. Many of the interior design ideas for your kitchen and bathroom get inspired by the limestone countertops.

Limestone comes in a vast range of colors from dark to light and ambient range.                 The surface can become highly light sensitive after the right kind of polishing and surface finishing is done.

Limestone is highly porous in structure. You have to keep an eye on its exposure to liquids and chemicals. It can absorb the liquids and retain them within its interiors. Hence, you have to be very careful while handling the frequently used kitchen utensils such as the pan, cooker, oil storage units, etc. regular cleaning and proper maintenance can keep the countertop strong and durable for many years.


Granite is one of the most desired countertops in the USA and rest of the world. It has the highest temperature resistance factor, which may reach beyond 120-degree-FH. Similarly, it has a high resistance to humidity. It can be used in locations where you have the stove, oven, heater, and kitchen utensils such as the pan, cooker, etc.

Granite has a high resistance to physical impact. You can even install the mini refrigerators, water fountains, washbasins and other heavy fixtures onto it. It can endure the load and work for many years without any problems of cracking, bending, or breaking down.

Granite is one of the most aesthetically beautiful materials. The structure of natural granite comes with multiple colors, patterns, designs, and the composition of shades. So, the same color granite countertop can be available in many shades and designs. Hence, the range is also very high.


Quartz is a translucent and transparent stone which is available naturally. The manufacturers crush them into various shapes and sizes for making the countertop. Then they mix it with other synthetic materials to create a wonderful utility called the countertop.

Quartz is highly non-porous in structure. Hence, cleaning and maintenance tasks are simple. It doesn’t absorb any type of liquid including oil, water, vinegar, and other liquids commonly used in the kitchen. It is also highly resistant to chemicals used in your home. Accidental spills of chemicals and liquids have no effects on the quartz material.

Quartz has a reasonably high resistance to heat and humidity, though not to the level of granite. You can use it for supporting the stove oven and heating equipment in the kitchen. But you have to be very careful while placing the hot objects like the pan, cooker, and other hot objects over the countertop.

Aesthetically, quartz is the top material for enhancing the interior décor properties. You can get the color and shape of the composition materials according to the interior designs of the kitchen and bathroom.

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The light absorbing, retaining, and reflecting properties of the quartz material are the highest among the countertop materials. It is the top material, which can be used in combination with various types of lighting fixtures.


The list of top countertop materials gives you the basic properties which are very important for the structural, functional, and aesthetic aspects. You can check the relevance of these properties to your kitchen and bathroom countertop needs. Then you can select the most appropriate material. You have to ensure the durability and load resistance as the two factors if you are using the countertop for installing heavy load fixtures.