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We offer great deals

We place our clients’ happiness and satisfaction before profit so we work towards their satisfaction. We help you get great deals. We are not done until you are satisfied. Although real estate is a capital intensive renovations business, we have found a way to keep our prices competitive. see more

Our condos are fully equipped

All our Toronto Condos are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, just waiting for people to move in. From the kitchen to the living room and from the bathroom to the bedrooms, all of them are fully equipped with modern home appliances.
We also offer several financing options with low interest rate. So, what are you waiting for?  We will be glad to be of service to you. see more

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About us

We are one of the oldest real estate companies in Toronto and we have been able to build a reputation of honesty, quality service, and integrity. Our clients’ satisfaction is what matters to us. 360 view Real estate Photography business in Toronto is highly competitive but we are head and shoulders above many of our competitors in several ways. Also check out our Calgary Business

We offer experience
We have been in the real estate business longer than most of them and the importance of experience in real estate cannot be over emphasized. Being in a business for a long time is an indication of quality service.

We have wide coverage
We have properties in numerous parts of Toronto so we offer our clients a variety of locations. If you are interested in buying, renting, or leasing a property, we will give you an offer in any location of your choice. On the other hand, if you have a property to sell in any part of Toronto, you can consult us. We will help you get an offer sooner than you expect. Advanpro 

We have a wide variety of homes
Let us know  we usen  to inspect all of the properties that kind of property you want to buy or rent, we will help you get what you want. Whether it is a residential property or office locations, we have it all. We have blocks of apartments, townhomes, and different kinds of homes from local roofing to more. We offer variety. It is all about your choice.If you need a Lawyer call these guys , See Superior Roofing , as they our one of main contractors

Our Agents

Jillian Scott

Sales Agent

Jillian Scott,  not only provides outstanding service to her own buyers and sellers, she keeps extra busy as a licensed agent for Carlaw Condo’s broker, Andrew Carlaw, maintaining continuity with his clients and ongoing sales and services. Jillian Used to work with Green Earth Cannabis in Calgary 

Andrew Carlaw


Andrew is known as the area’s most knowledgeable expert in the field of residential investment properties. With a considerable personal portfolio of over 300 condo units, he has assisted investors in managing more than 4,000 units since 1992. An accomplished businessman  previosly  working with Compasscom with a degree in economics, his advice  is often sought by industry and community leaders. 

Robert Jeffries

Robert might look young but he  has performed extensive work in land development, new
construction, and commercial development included but not limited to
advising, obtaining project approvals, site planning/management and complete site
development from the approval stage to sales.

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